Bonfire Effect
Bonfire Effect merges with sister company, Bonfire Ignite.



Creative solutions from proven experts

Your organization is poised to change. You’re the one to lead the way, and Bonfire Effect can help.

Ignite a better future for your enterprise. For your brand. For your transformation. For your customers. Without the stalled siloes, boring visuals, and multiple, disparate vendors. Because your audacious plans are worthy of creative solutions from proven experts. And because there’s an opportunity cost to sticking with the status quo.

Pull up a chair. Let’s start a fire.

At our Best

An effective partnership

We’re in the business of creating genuine relationships ready for the long-haul. Here’s what you can expect.

Ingenious solutions

We've solved complex problems and crafted valuable innovations for heavyweight B2B enterprises. We understand the nuances you navigate every day—because we’ve lived them.

Integrated services

We offer creative, change management, and professional services under one roof. This simplifies your vendor management process, enabling you to focus on what fuels your success.

Innovative experts

We recruit and maintain the best talent so we can scale with your needs, timelines, and evolving strategic roadmap. The right people in the right seat ensure your job gets done right the first time.

Core values

At our core, these values drive our why


Spread contagious love.

We love our people—staff, clients, and partners—through a deep and unwavering commitment to their flourishment as a human.


Let go, have fun.

We create generative quantities of joy for ourselves and others by intentionally looking for ways to fuel fun.


Be fearlessly creative.

We applaud the courage to be adventurous, change perspectives, and constantly seek new solutions.


Do the right thing.

We pursue what’s best, not what’s easy, while also showing grace and standing with the people we care about.

How we operate


We run on Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

The EOS platform gives us the tools and structure needed to manage our people, vision, data, and processes; identify, discuss, and solve issues; and gain traction on our goals.

This translates into meaningful outcomes for our clients. Because we’re constantly evaluating how we do business, we can more effectively serve your business. And the built-in rhythm of accountability in EOS ensures that the people you’re working with are the right people for your project or program.

Our experts

Leadership team

Brenda BarhaugBrenda BarhaugBrenda BarhaugBrenda BarhaugBrenda BarhaugBrenda Barhaug

Brenda Barhaug

Founder, VP of Finance & Administration Leadership

Travis BarhaugTravis BarhaugTravis BarhaugTravis BarhaugTravis BarhaugTravis Barhaug

Travis Barhaug

Founder, CEO

Ben AakerBen AakerBen AakerBen AakerBen AakerBen Aaker

Ben Aaker

VP of Strategy & Growth

Dean ZimmermanDean ZimmermanDean ZimmermanDean ZimmermanDean ZimmermanDean Zimmerman

Dean Zimmerman

VP of Marketing

Kathy DonovanKathy DonovanKathy DonovanKathy DonovanKathy DonovanKathy Donovan

Kathy Donovan

Director of Client Services

Ashley EverettAshley EverettAshley EverettAshley EverettAshley EverettAshley Everett

Ashley Everett

Director of Creative Services

Isaac Bartholomew Isaac Bartholomew Isaac Bartholomew Isaac Bartholomew Isaac Bartholomew Isaac Bartholomew

Isaac Bartholomew

Director of Professional Services

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