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Bonfire Effect merges with sister company, Bonfire Ignite.


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Frequently asked questions

Some agencies are sales machines. Some claim to be full service. Others chase flashy trends. We specialize in storytelling.
Consider the humble bonfire. It’s more than just a gathering of flames; it’s an embodiment of purpose and connection. In our world, the bonfire symbolizes a profound approach to both impactful marketing and purpose-driven lives.
They remind us of our inherent yearning to create, to shape, to cultivate, and to inspire, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.
To us, it’s not just about work—it’s about embracing life with fervor. It’s about kindling the flame within and helping brands radiate the very essence that defines them.
At the heart and soul of Bonfire Effect flickers an idea: Whatever your pursuit, infuse it with great people, fearless creativity, and unwavering determination. Transform it into something that resonates, that matters.
So, gather around the bonfire. Let’s stoke the flames of creativity, collaboration, and purpose. Pull up a chair. Let’s start something together.

We often begin with a minimum client engagement of $75,000 in the first year. Why, you ask? Because we believe in investing in long-term relationships that allow us to deeply understand your brand, craft comprehensive strategies, and deliver impactful results. This commitment ensures that we have the time and resources to dedicate to your success, fostering a partnership that truly makes a difference.
Don’t have the $75K right now? No worries! We’re always open to discussing exceptions and finding creative ways to collaborate. Let’s chat and see how we can make magic happen within your budget.

At Bonfire Effect, we have a strong, intentional focus on Brand Strategy & Development, Demand Generation & Campaigns, Content & Creative, Change Management, and Digital Transformation. But well before the “what” we do, our “who” is what sets us apart – passionate and proven storytellers who prioritize the people on the journey and value the process of creating stand-out experiences.

At Bonfire Effect, we run our agency on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) business management framework. This helps us attract, develop, and retain talented, motivated, and accountable employees who align with our core values and culture. We also maintain long-term key contractors and foster strategic partnerships, allowing us to scale our team efficiently for projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Absolutely! Whether it’s a small bonfire or a blazing inferno, we’ve got the team to handle it. With a mix of in-house talent and a network of trusted experts, we can scale up to teams of 100+ to bring your vision to life.

At Bonfire Effect, our experience spans across a wide range of industries, allowing us to bring a diverse perspective and expertise to each project. Over the course of our careers, we have serviced almost every major segment or industry in some form or fashion. Our strategic focus is centered on five key segments: Healthcare, B2B Tech, Biotech/Life Sciences, ESG/CSR, and Digital Transformation. But we don’t stop there. We’ve also worked with Food & Beverage, Professional Services, Fitness/Sport, Nonprofits, Beauty, and Travel & Tourism. Our versatile experience equips us with the knowledge and skills to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges of each client.

Working with us is like gathering around a bonfire – warm, engaging, and full of inspiration. We prioritize, pursue, and invest in long-term relationships, not just spontaneous projects or short-term contracts. We believe that building strong relationship foundations allows us to become brand advocates and fearlessly unleash our creativity, challenge the status quo, and deliver stand-out creative. Pull up a chair and join us.