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Sketching: A pillar of great design

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"Draw, on anything, on everything." The words my Design I professor imparted to me years ago. These words have always been a significant contributor to my incessant sketching, my creativity, and my ability to bring to life – on screen or on paper – the concepts in my mind.

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If you’ve spent much time around those of us at Bonfire Effect, you’ve probably caught on that we’re not big fans of “comfort zone” marketing (or living, for that matter). On the contrary, we’re all about stepping out and having the courage to start something…whenever and wherever possible. After all, you’ll never blaze new trails if you don’t get off the beaten path now and again.


With that in mind, we’re eager to break ground on a breakthrough opportunity for our current and future clients. But first, a little backstory for you…

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top government contractors on building effective brands, implementing high-growth B2G (business-to-government) strategies, and launching new B2G services and divisions. As more clients come to us asking for help reaching government decision-makers, it has become clear that there’s a gap in the marketplace for a marketing agency that provides proven B2G growth strategies.

The B2G market is showing sure and steady growth. A 2017 survey by Onvia, a SaaS business serving B2G companies, shows that over 60% of government contractors expect sales to grow in the next year. The average realistic growth among government contractors is 4.9% annually for 2017-2018. But those companies that invest in smart growth strategies are blowing that average out of the water. As a matter of fact, one of our B2G clients has grown by 233% since working with the Bonfire team over the past two years.

And yet, this steadily growing market is coming face-to-face with a double-headed monster. With the jaws of competition chomping menacingly on one side and unsustainable (low ROI) marketing budgets looming on the other, today’s B2G companies aren’t sure which head to take on first.

That’s where we’re stepping in. Our team is launching two accessible options to help government contractors fight back and implement high-growth strategies centered around high-impact thought leadership that make competition irrelevant—often without spending a single dime more on their marketing budget.

So what are the options?


Behind door number one is the “done with you” option. For B2Gs looking for an affordable kick start toward high-ROI marketing firepower, we’ll provide the tools and the kindling it takes to build rip-roaring campaigns. With an 8-week program that includes weekly group training, one-on-one coaching, campaign and design templates, and a pre-built marketing automation platform specially designed for B2G, we unpack the wagon and make it easy for B2G companies to work smarter, attract more qualified leads, and close bigger deals faster.

Now with all of that laid out, you might be thinking, “This all sounds great…but my team barely has time to handle their current workload (while also sleeping, eating, and maintaining some semblance of a life outside of work). So how are they going to commit extra time to develop a series of marketing assets—even if they do have templates to follow?”


That’s where our “done for you” option comes in rather handy. With this option, busy B2G companies can accelerate their results with an all-out, customized, year-long thought leadership campaign. Built around our Content Cycle theory, this package is divided into four three-month content cycles, each with a webinar, a case study, and a white paper—as well as proven ad campaigns to promote each asset and move prospects through your funnel to a sales conversation.

After interviewing a subject matter expert (SME) from your company, our team uses highly targeted ads to reach your ideal government decision-makers. Next, we develop and moderate valuable and educational webinars with your SMEs to build credibility and desire among government decision-makers. We then nurture leads with informative white papers and case studies and convert those leads to sales calls—helping you implement killer content marketing campaigns that establish you as a go-to thought leader and help boost revenues, all at a more competitive rate than with piecemeal marketing services.

For most companies, the average commitment per quarter is about five hours from the SME—covering data-gathering, interviews, and webinar presenting—and just a few hours of check-ins with your marketing team.


So whether you’re (1) a B2G company that could use a little extra fuel to ignite and maintain effective marketing efforts, (2) not a B2G but still interested in taking a closer gander at our Content Packages, or (3) just looking to talk over a good-ol’ glass of bourbon, we’d love to hear from you!

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