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Presenting a new kind of PowerPoint sales deck

Client: Pieces Technologies

Like many B2B brands, Pieces Technologies was struggling with an old sales deck that lacked continuity, clarity, and a distinctive identity – making it difficult to share their brand in an effective, engaging way. They needed a presentation that would tell a compelling story through copy, design, and animation, but that their sales team could easily access and edit over time. And while our team has completed animated explainer videos to tell the Pieces Tech story in the past, this scenario required a greater level of detail for their sales reps to use and revise as needed.

PowerPoint vs. Keynote vs. Prezi – Choosing the Right Tool

Working in the B2B space, we encounter an ongoing demand for high-end Microsoft PowerPoint design (to the angst and anguish of Adobe-based designers). From keynote speeches and webinars to brand guides and comprehensive sales decks, our team creates a steady stream of PowerPoint templates and presentations.

So, when it came to choosing the best tool for building the new Pieces Tech sales deck, we knew PowerPoint was a top contender. But we weighed the options – including Prezi’s non-linear engagement possibilities and snazzy animations, along with Keynote’s interactive and high-res video capabilities.

In the end, we went with PowerPoint to deliver the familiarity, compatibility, and functionality that Pieces Tech needed based on their current systems and sales team.

Bringing the Pieces story to life through PowerPoint animation

By carefully refining copy and building progressive animations throughout the presentation, we created an engaging deck that enlivens the Pieces Tech story. We also created a mock electronic medical record (EMR) environment to make the presentation feel like a real product demo and walk prospects visually through the elegance of the Pieces Tech solution. This allows their sales reps to show how the platforms work within leading EMR systems, without risking faulty network connections or revealing HIPAA-sensitive data.


Overwhelmingly positive feedback from prospects and customers:
  • A presentation design that’s professional and beautiful
  • Makes a complicated solution set easy to understand
  • It tells a complete story in a visually compelling way.
A lucrative tool for Pieces Tech sales reps:
  • Makes it easier for sales team to describe the Pieces Tech solution
  • Helps bring in more new business than the previous deck
  • Communicates a consistent message across the organization

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